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Season Two finds our intrepid Lion Mums confronting the challenge of Singapore’s highly competitive education head-on as their offspring begin their first year of primary education at the fictional elite school, Charleston Primary.

The 19-year-old reality TV star has admitted the exchanges between herself and her best friend, Jordyn Woods, are too "crazy" to be shared and their conversations must never be leaked to public eyes as it would jeopardise both of their images.Monday-Friday, 10pm A love story between a couple in their early thirties.Its the story of two people who live in the same era but in different worlds.) and she's being trolled by a selfie obsessed wannabe who will use exploit anyone and everyone - even animals - to become instafamous.Total 8 episodes, ep.1 to 4 available on 9th August, ep.5 to 8 on 6th September.She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension.


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