Apps hang while updating Jasmine live chat guy

Update: The best Apple Watch apps list is one we're constantly updating.

Here's what's been making our i Phone smartwatch tick.

Figuring out what data that app is collecting, on the other hand, can be awfully inconvenient.

But many apps engage in irresponsible practices that are worth understanding.

Here are the best apps, going along with our selection of the best apps for Android Wear and the best apps for Pebble.

With the right apps, your beautiful timepiece will become so much more.

I had problem prior to this such as freezing/Hanging/blue screens after waking the PC from sleep, but now it happens during idle.

This former Apple App of the Week is probably the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen, and it has a suitably stellar user rating: with nearly 6,000 App Store ratings it’s currently sitting at just under five stars.

The app makes really good use of the Apple Watch: there’s a Complication that can tell you when it’s time to look for the International Space Station flying past, and its app can help you identify the stars and constellations above you, while it uses the Digital Crown for “time travel”, so you can see the sky move on your wrist.

You can sync Facebook photos, birthdays, and events through Hax Sync as well as set up how often it syncs, choose if it uses Wi Fi or has to be charging, and even set the degree to which it matches names (only exact matches or loose matches).

There’s a manual sync option, which is useful for people whose names might be different on Facebook and your phone, like mom or dad or friends with nicknames.


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