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Ana Sofía también es la imagen de la cerveza Colombiana Cristal Oro, de la marca de zapatos kechers, esta se proyecta en la televisan Venezolana.

A sus 17 años, inicia estudios de Relaciones Exteriores y Ciencias de la Comunicación, de los cuales se retira por estar mas dedicada al modelaje, también estudio Diseño de Espacios Comerciales.

As well as containing some rather amusing gems, the pangrams in languages other than English can be occasionally useful for designers of all sorts.

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), an IPS 1440 p monitor (I can never NEVER go back to 1080p, and while some say IPS monitors aren't great for gaming - I think it's fabulous, with no refresh rate problems, only a little light bleeding.

I figure, staring at the thing so much - best to buy the best all round monitor for my aging eyes), Quad core (I wish I had octocore :(), 32gb ram (some say you only need 16, I say dont take the chance and listen to what some say).

It's the best place to access high quality streams of our content after it airs.

Tonight's episode will be online tomorrow morning! I'm running an Nvida gtx 680, about a TB worth of solid state drives, mechanical keyboard with a detachable numpad, G35 gaming headset (getting a bit crummy) logitech g9x mouse (it's a bit too small for my hand now tho I'm feeling, love the design though), watercooled CPU (worth it, fairly cheap to do but ack buy the right one/take it to the shop!


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