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Alternatively, you can enter the URL displayed on the Camera device to a web browser and watch the video from PC.

Now start using your phones or tablets to watch your napping baby while you are busy with your household chores!

• A Maneuvering Business by literatiwannabe: Marriage is indeed a maneuvering business.

Diapers aren't David's thing as much as they are mine.

He's said he's willing to put me in a clean one, but not change me out of a dirty one.

She says that doing the 'other thing' in them is too far, however.

Her boyfriend will help her into a clean nappy, but refuses to change her out of a dirty one Jess said: 'As a little girl, I like to do a lot of different things - I like to drink out of sippy cups, I like to dance and wear cute dress and tutus, I like to colour in my colouring books, listen to cute music, watch kids' movies and play around in make-up that I shouldn't be playing around in.'She said: 'I only pee in them, I don't do the "other thing" in them - that's just too far for me.


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