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Your widget's Open GL rendering context is made current when paint GL(), resize GL(), or initialize GL() is called.

If you need to call the standard Open GL API functions from other places (e.g.

The QOpen GLWidget class is a widget for rendering Open GL graphics.

QOpen GLWidget provides functionality for displaying Open GL graphics integrated into a Qt application.

See set Swap Interval() on a description of the swap interval.

With a swap interval of , which is the case on most systems by default, the swap Buffers() call, that is executed internally by QOpen GLWindow after each repaint, will block and wait for vsync.

The QOpen GLWindow class is a convenience subclass of QWindow to perform Open GL painting.

QOpen GLWindow is an enhanced QWindow that allows easily creating windows that perform Open GL rendering using an API that is compatible with QOpen GLWidget and is similar to the legacy QGLWidget.

Keep this in mind when creating and binding additional framebuffer objects in the rendering code in paint GL(). Instead, call default Framebuffer Object() to get the ID that should be bound.QVFb is an X11 application supplied with Qt for X11 that provides a virtual framebuffer for Qt for Embedded Linux to use.To use it, you need to configure and install Qt for X11 platforms appropriately.I'm developing an intensive care monitor using Open GL ES (Win CE / Power VR SGX) for the user interface.Mainly I just wanted Open GL for the waveforms so we could do cool fades and whatnot on them.Note that this will not immediately result in a call to paint GL().


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