Speed dating whole foods

Tuesday’s event, for 26-to-35 year olds, brought out six daters, including Candace Kennedy. And I’ve never done it before, but I’ve never known where you could do it here in Tallahassee.

But I’ve always seen it in other places.” Clements told the group, “So, you get wine, you get cheese and I’m gonna give you gift cards.

Hey, let's not turn this into some catchy (yet disgusting) Robin Thicke song! You don't have to be single while trying to pick up girls at Whole Foods, but you should be. You're not a sud sucker -- you're a goddamn WHOLE FOODS CASANOVA. Are you trying to find something delicious to talk over or something to pair with dinner, Ms. Act like your fridge at home is curated like a museum without coming across like an asshole. They did not meet at the grocery store, but did purchase some beer and hummus while there.

Let's maintain your utmost gentlemen-like composure at Whole Foods in midtown, where bohemian babes flock in droves. Remember -- WE'RE GENTLEMEN -- and single bananas are the most honest peels. You're not sure what a ripe cantaloupe looks like, so you ask the cute girl to your left. Break It Down At The Beer Cooler: "Oh, I love that Founder's Pale Ale.

”), you can move the discussion on over to cocktail hour.

The program is taking place all week, and tonight, the 18-25 age group will be served.

The marketing team in Tallahassee, Florida just developed a speed-dating program called “Express Lane Love.” It’s three days of speed-dating for foodies, with the added bonus of free wine and cheese you might not be able to afford otherwise. So if the conversation about gluten-free breads goes favorably (“He agrees that Udi’s is the jam!

Calling all eligible singles for a time of fun and games in a casual setting.

Spice up your dating life by joining Whole Foods Maui’s Speed Dating event this Wednesday, May 27.

Are you unsure about what the dating world is like, how to approach it, or completely frustrated with the whole thing? Online Dating, Meetup Groups, Speed Dating, Matchmaking, etc…Finding dating partners today is MUCH different than 10 or 15 years ago!

We'll have fun social events, mixers, sporting events, discussions, etc.


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