Updating a table in access

Here are the 3 update queries I tried and got the same error each time.Customer Sales is a linked table (the source table - data came from this table).

This Microsoft Access tutorial explains how to update table records from another table or query.Our original table appears like the following example: The original Products table before we run the Update Query We need to update the Unit Price field, to update all records from our supplier (Exotic Liquids) as they have informed us of a 3% price increase.Here are the steps that we follow to produce the required outcome: Remember that the update query will permanently update records from the specified table(s), therefore it is very important that you have backed up the table(s) or database before running this object.To open the table, select the table name in the Database Window and then right-click on it to display the shortcut menu.From the shortcut menu, click on the Open option as shown in Figure 3-03 in your book. In this view, you can add a new record by clicking on the New Record button as shown in Figure 3-04 in your book.Customer Sales_Retail is a local table (target table - contains the data I wanted to update). Sales Date Query 3: Here is another way of doing the same thing as Query 2, but here in the sub-query it uses IN rather than INNER JOIN. Sales Date To fix the problem, I had to split my original update query into two queries.


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